Jonathan Lee hails from the Pacific Northwest, grew up in the desert of Arizona and has lived parts of his life all over this thing we call America – from Nashville to Philadelphia to San Diego where he currently resides. He's spent his years being a storyteller, poet, musician, and hard working son, brother, father, and friend.

His music is a mix of country and rock with more soul than you're used to. When you see and hear Jonathan, you simply can't help but think of guys like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Ray Charles. These are artists we'd consider real men of music – when you heard and watched these guys, it was no holds barred star material in each of their respective genres and none of them gave a f*** if you didn't approve of their music… they told it, and played it, how it was.

No one does music like this anymore. They should though, and hopefully Jonathan is the beginning of a new era of country music where lyrics and music come from deep down and don't get too watered down before they make it on the radio. For the most rocking and soulful country music you've ever heard – it's Jonathan Lee.

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